It doesn’t snow in Texas

A father, in Texas, was talking with his son, in the East Coast, on the telephone. The father told his son that it snowed last night. The son loudly, in a disturbed voice, said that it could not have snowed in Texas.

Later the father asked his son’s mother why his son got so upset about the snow. She said that she told him that the reason his father did not move to the East Coast was because he didn’t like snow.

She never told the father her new explanation for why the father didn’t move to the East Coast. The son never asked his father for his explanation.  Apparently the son believed whatever his mother told him, even though she lied the first time.

There were no questions from the son to the father as to why his mother took him to the East Coast, leaving his father alone on the West Coast. Never, ever at any time in the future was this question asked. The son blindly accepted the statement of the mother, and expressed his anger towards his father in a passive way and sometimes lying to his father that he was too busy to visit him or reply to his emails.

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