Request for Updated Bulgarian ID Card February 6, 2012

On February 6, 2012 I went to the Sofia Office of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Immigration Department, and asked for an updated ID Card with a new expiration date of February 6, 2013. The lady behind the desk told me that I have to apply for an extension of my permission to stay in Bulgaria. I told her that I already have permission to stay until February 6, 2016. She said that it did not matter, and I have to fill out a new request for one-year permission to stay in Bulgaria, which included submitting all documents as if this were my first request to stay in Bulgaria. I said that she could not just simply cancel my 5-year-VISA. She directed me to talk with a person at a higher level than hers. I waited until this person was available and talked with her. She told this lady that I don’t have to make a new application and pay an additional 500 bgn. She directed me to another desk near the back of the office. This lady was polite and asked me to fill out a form for my request. It was a standard form for requesting an Extension of Permission to Stay in Bulgaria. I crossed out “Permission to Stay” and wrote “updated ID Card”. I paid ten bgn at the accounting desk, and she accepted my application. She made a copy of my application and gave it to me. Following is the application with an English translation in the right hand margin.

Right-click image to view full screen.2012-02-06-application-to-update-expiration-date-on-BG-ID-Card -English-Translation-3

REQUEST for extending of the period of ID Card
From David van Beek
Born on 29.03.1946 in Washington USA
Citizenship United States, Nationality United States
Address in Bulgaria City Sofia, Street Velcho Atanasov 6
Floor 2 in the family of Elka Krasteva-Valova

I entered the Republic of Bulgaria on 08/2008

Please extend the period of (blank)
for the following reasons
ID Card, which was issued
only for the first year of
my approved 5 years
VISA for staying in Bulgaria.

My VISA had been given to me at 6.02.2011
by Turnovo Police Office.

Attached documents:
I have permission for staying in The Netherlands.

Date 6.02.2012

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