Drago Petrov Драгомир Петров migration@mvr.bg


General Director

Name Mr. Stefan Vasilev Hristov Drago Petrov Драгомир Петров
Function General Director
Organisation Migration Directorate
Country Republic of Bulgaria
Contact phone +359 2 982 30 77
+359 2 982 45 85 (Secretary)
Contact email migration@mvr.bg

From web page: http://www.gdisc.org/index.php?id=306&no_cache=1&tx_gdiscdb_pi3[showUid]=41

Request for Updated Bulgarian ID Card February 6, 2012

Regarding Register No XB-971, copy no 1, March 3, 2012

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Immigration, VISA, ID Cards, Permission to Stay.

Sofia, Bulgaria.

Three emails to migration@mvr.bg got no response. They do not reply with a tracking number or how long they might take to reply. I had to telephone the secretary to find out whether they received my emails, but she said she had to ask the director because the emails go directly to him. Eventually she told me that they received my emails, and they would answer within one month. After one month passed she told me that I had to come to the Sofia Immigration Office to retrieve my written response.

After presenting myself (April 5, 2012) to the Bulgaria Immigration Office in Sofia a very pleasant woman explained the problem with the EU changing the law regarding the Format of the EU member’s residence permits, and my Nederlands (Dutch) card issued four years ago did not conform to the standard issues last year (amazing). This information was not provided in a written document. The immigration official offered to fast-track a one-year pensioner VISA if I agree to pay an additional 500 BGN. I paid last year 800 BGN for a 5-year-visa, and now one year later they say they are sorry, but they cannot refund the 500 BGN overpayment and apply it to the new VISA application.

In total for the last (almost) four years the Immigration Department overcharged me about 1400 BGN due to their errors. Sorry, no refunds are possible.

By comparison it costs about 160 BGN for permission to stay in Kenya for one year. English is the official language there.

Updated latest status April 13, 2012.

Updated Director’s name March 28, 2012

As of June 3, 2014 the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not answered in writing my letter dated March 3, 2012.

It would be helpful to Americans thinking about living in Bulgaria if this information were on the American Embassy in Bulgaria web site. http://bulgaria.usembassy.gov/

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